10 Visual Social Networks You Probably Didn't Know About

This has been the year that visual social media really took flight. Given the huge success of Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram, it’s easier to understand why Facebook and Twitter don’t feel nearly as cutting-edge as they once did.

Did a little deeper, though, and you’ll find even more startup social networks that focus on visual storytelling. The Rabbit Agency put together this Slideshare presentation that includes 10 of the most interesting examples.

Most of these sites aren’t yet suitable for social marketing; some are invitation only, and others will take a dim view of business users jumping on board. Those things have a way of changing, however, and if your job involves content marketing, social marketing or (more likely) some combination of those things, you should be checking out these sites.

And for those of you who are still wondering what to do with Pinterest – never mind these newer sites – why not get started with our recent Demand Gen Report feature on the subject?


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