Fast & Easy Friday – 2.2.18


Steve Voith, Director of Marketing & Demand Generation



Here are the top five content marketing stories that grabbed our attention this week. We find the best so you don’t have to!

How Emotional Marketing in B2B Drives Customers (Even If You Think It Doesn’t) (MarketingProfs)

If you’re from outside B2B marketing (and even some of us on the inside) you might assume the practice and approaches are only serious and logical, lacking little room for fun. This common misconception could be keeping you from taking your B2B marketing to the next level. At the end of the day our customers in B2B are still human beings and all people are emotionally driven, not solely making decisions based on logic.  So be sure to read this article and don’t overlook this approach so quickly when building marketing initiatives.  


How to Earn More Links and Social Shares: Insights From 759 Content Marketing Campaigns (Moz)

Not getting the results you hoped for from your content marketing campaigns? This article provides an in-depth look at over 700 different marketing campaigns, highlighting the good and the bad. We found a lot of the specific suggestions can be applied to marketing in general, such as including an element of surprise, and an emotional hook. It’s fascinating to look at the data on a large scale to see what resonates with customers and what falls short. This is definitely an article everyone can find relevancy in when creating their own campaigns.  


5 Reasons Why Your Buyer Persona’s Aren’t Good Enough (Marketing Insider Group)

How often do you use your buyer persona? If you’re like us, then you answered a lot! If you answered no, it might be because your personas weren’t developed correctly. No matter how you are using your personas, read this article highlighting the top five reasons why your buyer personas aren’t cutting it anymore. Our favorite reason is number five, which discusses the lack of motivation and emotion in your personas.  


How to Become an Influencer in Your Industry (HubSpot)

With influencer marketing on the rise, it is a good idea to understand this form of marketing and how it could benefit you and your company. Although this is less common in the B2B sector, it still has tremendous power if utilized correctly. This is article provides a 10-step overview on how to become an influencer yourself! Imagine being able to not only include outside influencers in your campaigns, but also being one for our industry as well. Sound appealing? Read the article.  


Integrating Your Web CMS With Your Marketing Automation Platform (Marketo Blog)

As digital marketers we utilize a plethora of tools to understand our audience, analyze data, and engage our customers to name a few. This is an interesting article on how to present a seamless experience to your customers. This goal can be achieved with a tight integration between your marketing automation platform and your web content management platform. Keep reading to see the steps needed to improve your customers digital experience.  


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