Fast & Easy Friday – 3.30.18


Steve Voith, Director of Marketing & Demand Generation



Here are the top five content marketing stories that grabbed our attention this week. We find the best so you don’t have to!

Presenting Your Findings: How to Create Relevant and Engaging SEO Reports– Next Level (Moz)

Creating a useful SEO report is a bit of a balancing act. It requires including the information you find valuable, while still remembering to showcase the metrics your client will want to see! With a plethora of information, it is easy for your reports to become overwhelming, so this is a great article to help guide your decision making process in crafting a report that people will want to read.


Content Marketing Editorial and Writing Services: What to Look For (Marketing Insider Group)

Content marketing will only be as successful as the content writing within. Having poor grammar and broken sentences riddled throughout your blog, ebooks, and white papers can tarnish your brand. This is a great article why investing in quality content matters…and how to go about getting it done!


How Brands Can Use Psychology to Improve Marketing Techniques (AdWeek)

The landscape of brands continue to evolve and the markets grow even more saturated, but one thing that remains constant is our human behavior. By focusing on psychology and the principles that drive our decision making, your brand will never become obsolete. This article focuses on using emotion, creating associations, and cultivating consistency with your consumers. 


B2B Marketers Adopting AI to Streamline and Scale Personalization, Messaging and Consistent Customer Experience (Demand Gen Report) 

Whether you like it or not, artificial intelligence and machine learning are slowly being integrated into every aspect of B2B technology. According to the article, AI will benefit demand generation. digital marketing, and marketing ops the most in B2B. In order to stay relevant and competitive amongst competitors, all B2B organizations will have to eventually adopt AI. Give this article a read on what AI can do for your company! 


How to Write a Marketing Budget Your CFO Will Enthusiastically Support (Marketo)

Does presenting your marketing budget to your CFO discourage you when they do not recognize the translation from your work into business value? This article suggests that the best way to tackle this issue is to build a marketing budget your CFO will understand from the get-go. Follow this 7-step process to ensure your budget gets approved. Our favorite step is number 2, get sales buy-in first, to help your marketing and sales teams are aligned and working together. 


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