Team Members

  • The Head Honchos

  • andrew-gaffney-circle

    Andrew Gaffney


  • Dana Harder
    Vice President of Strategy

  • Campaign Gurus

  • lisa-wallace-circle

    Lisa Wallace
    National Key Accounts Director

  • Alan Sky
    Account Manager

  • The Brainstormers

  • Tonya Vinas
    Director of Content Strategy


  • Brenda Caine
    Senior Content Strategist


  • Alicia Esposito
    Content Strategist

  • Kelly Shermach
    Content Strategist

  • Your Best Friends

  • Maggie Iskander
    Director of Client Services


  • Wendy Geister
    Senior Client Services Manager


  • Laura Tiffany
    Client Services Manager

  • Kyle Hardner
    Client Services Manager

  • Patrice Galvin
    Client Services Manager

  • Teresa Cuilla
    Client Services Manager

  • Elizabeth Dougherty
    Client Services Manager

  • The Creative Side

  • John Genzo
    Creative Director

  • Lauren Grey
    Senior Design Manager

  • Katherine Arena
    Digital Design Manager

  • Kaylan Bruzzone
    Senior Graphic Designer


  • Pam Ravetier
    Design Manager


  • nathan-circle

    Nathan Billman
    Graphic Designer

  • The Glue

  • Holly Celeste Fisk
    Content Operations Manager

  • Dawn Netelkos
    Director of Operations

  • Kristen Sousa
    Director of Human Resources

  • Doreen Fiduccia
    Accounts Receivable Coordinator

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