Digital B2B Marketing Workshops

Adapt & Evolve to Discover New Engagement Opportunities

Weve had excellent feedback on our series of live workshops to help B2B marketers adapt to new circumstances and align with new goals. Every workshop delivers best practices, real-world examples and recommendations based on our leaders deep understanding of the marketing challenges you face every day. Each is completely customizable to meet your organization’s unique needs and challenges. 

Support Sales to Spark Meaningful Relationships

This workshop spotlights creative examples of B2B brands that have pivoted in light of in-person event cancellations. We include ways to dial up new approaches to webinars, ways to digitize face-to-face events, happy hours, and lunch and learns, and best practices for repurposing digital event and webinar content to create derivative content for email, social and targeted ads.  

Embrace New Content Possibilities

In this session, we dive into the findings of the 2022 Content Preferences Study and offer some guidance on when and where different content formats fit into the buyer’s journey. We also provide best-practice tips and examples of how companies are optimizing formats such as checklists, case study portfolios, G-Books, iPapers and even videos and podcasts. This workshop has been really well received and serves as a great brainstorming session for your team to develop some alternative ways to engage your target audience.

Buyer Enablement Best Practices

As buying committees get larger and purchases journeys get longer and more complex, buyer enablement content has become crucial for engaging, educating and empowering all stakeholders. This session delves into the core qualities of impactful buyer enablement content, as well as ideal formats and experiences—from educational How-To Guides to interactive ROI calculators and even product simulators that validate investments and boost adoption rates. This session also provides ideas and inspiration on how B2B brands are getting buy-in by integrating industry influencers into their content and campaigns. (We’ve seen the influencer marketing topic work great as a great standalone session as well.) 

For more about the team learning we can customize for your organization, visit our Workshops page.

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