5 Steps To Shaping A More Effective Messaging Strategy

ShapingPart of the formula for a successful B2B marketing strategy is having a library full of rich content. The other part – and perhaps the most important – is auditing that content on a regular basis to ensure the messaging is effectively aligning with prospective buyers.

However, our C4D team is seeing a growing number of B2B marketers who, after many years of investing in webinars, white papers and research reports, are now overwhelmed with the breadth of content they have amassed. Especially as they attempt to map their campaigns to trigger points in the buy cycle and, unfortunately, are uncovering significant gaps in their messaging.

If you’re a marketer who is trying to build a more effective marketing strategy, there are 5 key steps that can help you address these gaps right now. They are:

1.    Take Inventory – Start by taking stock of every piece of content you have. Then, prioritize and sort the assets based on future relevance and value, as well as alignment with key personas and target audiences.
2.    Align With Buyer Personas – Research and document buyer personas to ensure that messaging and assets align with the business challenges of your targets and also address key pain points associated with specific verticals and job roles.
3.    Map To Specific Stages In Your Buyer’s Journey – Categorize each piece of content based on the client’s buyer personas and different stages of the buying cycle, such as early, middle or late, to represent specific stages of the B2B funnel.
4.    Mine For Repurposing Opportunities – Anything 2-3 years old needs to be refreshed. Identifying older pieces offers prime opportunities to repurpose longer-form pieces, such as white papers and research reports, into shorter-form pieces, such as checklists, infographics and executive briefs.
5.    Keep An Eye On The Competition – By identifying the content and topics your competitors are finding success with, you can make more informed decisions about your content strategy.



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