Content Marketer Spotlight: Ashley Taylor Anderson, Ceros

Every day, marketers face an endless list of tasks and deadlines. We’re always itching to get the next to-do crossed off our list, so we sometimes gloss over the creative process in order to get down to business. 

But as Ashley Taylor Anderson, Director of Content at Ceros, notes, the creative process can be incredibly satisfying. This is especially true in her role planning and executing all things content: website copy, blog articles, social media posts, sales enablement, emails…the works.

In this month’s Content Marketer Spotlight, Anderson reveals what else she enjoys creating when she’s not wordsmithing for the cutting-edge interactive content brand.


What current B2B marketing trend is inspiring you right now? This is admittedly biased, but interactive content is the trend that has me super excited right now. B2B marketers are finding new and infinitely more engaging ways to communicate their brand stories to prospects and clients using interactivity. As the Internet continues to be flooded with static content from brands, I predict that more and more B2B marketers will utilize interactive content to deliver unique value and stand out from the crowd.

What’s the most important or interesting thing you’ve learned about content marketing? At the heart of every truly great piece of content is a story. Without a story, it’s impossible to connect with your audience in a meaningful way. This is just as true for an outbound sales email as it is for an E-book or article.

What common B2B marketing mistake makes you cringe? Thinking that content is only valuable if it sells your product in some way. For top-of-funnel content, this is usually a recipe for failure — kind of like asking someone to move in with you on a first or second date.


What are your “words to live by?” My goal in life is to feed bodies, hearts, imaginations and intellects. I’ve known a lot of people whose main focus in life is consuming. I’ve found that feeding others tends to be a lot more satisfying — whether I’m sharing cookies, a conversation, a story or educational information with someone.

What’s your favorite TV show? I have a penchant for falling in love with TV shows that get cancelled. One of my all-time favorite cancelled shows is “Pushing Daisies.” There’s baking, sleuthing, romance, magic, random musical numbers… it’s like someone peered inside my brain and wrote a show just for me.

What’s your favorite hobby? I suck at choosing favorites, but one of my long-standing hobbies is sewing. For the past few years, I’ve attended Costume College in Los Angeles, which is a three-day event that involves a combination of lectures and hands-on workshops on various costuming techniques. In the evenings, you get to dress up and drool over everyone’s amazing costumes, which is definitely my favorite part.


Want to get to know another content marketer? Stay tuned for our next installment in April! Do you have a question for Ashley? Share it in the comments section below, and we’ll make sure she sees it.



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