Fast & Easy Friday – 1.26.18


Steve Voith, Director of Marketing & Demand Generation



Here are the top five content marketing stories that grabbed our attention this week. We find the best so you don’t have to!

Four Agile Practices for More Efficient Content Production (Marketing Profs)

This is a great article on work-management processes, called Agile. Following a few, if not all of these practices will allow you to produce more work in less time! Our favorite practice is number 3, WIP Limits. This really hits home for us, and we believe majority of content teams could benefit from these tips.  


How to Create the Best Content For Your Marketing Automation System (KoMarketing)

What if we told you that the length of time spent creating content has no effect on marketing success. Would you believe us? This is an interesting read on how and why you should focus on creating the right content versus more content and how that plays into your overall marketing results 


5 Content Repurposing Hacks You Haven’t Heard Before (Demand Gen Report)

Killer content from 2017 can get forgotten under the new material that will start flowing in 2018. Wouldn’t that be a shame?! This article provides five new content repurposing hacks that all marketers should have in their back pocket. Just because something is old, does not mean it’s completely irrelevant…yet.  


Marketing and Sales Content Differences That Matter (Marketing Insider)

In a digital age of hyper-connected, hard to engage, low attention span buyers, effective sales content is crucial. Take a quick look over this to understand why missing sales content plays a central role in why your revenue performance could be suffering. This article will explain the differences between marketing and sales content and why this matters to B2B marketing and sales organizations.  


How AI Can Uncover New Insights and Drive SEO Performance (Search Engine Land)

Marketers in 2018 are utilizing AI, machine learning, and deep learning systems to discover new insights. The advantages are seemingly endless in their ability to lead us to new discoveries and simplify once difficult tasks. Give this article a read so you can educate yourself on AI’s practical marketing application. Understanding big data and how it works will catapult your business beyond simple observations, giving you more accurate and actionable insights to discover metrics that matter.  


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