Fast & Easy Friday – 6.15.18

Jessica Baum, Director of Marketing, Product and Channel


Here are the top five content marketing stories that grabbed our attention this week. We find the best so you don’t have to!

Why Consistent, Quality Content Is The Only Choice For Your Business (Marketing Insider Group)

Quality content is a word that gets thrown around a lot in the marketing world. What determines quality though? Is it embedding particular keywords in your content? At one point in time, yes, but this is no longer the case. This article debunks the confusing world of SEO on a basic level and provides suggestions for improving your ranking with a few small steps to follow. 

Crafting A B2B Marketing Strategy With Flow In Mind (Marketo)

Are you familiar with the term flow in marketing? Marketo describes flow as the effortless engagement and peace of mind when involved in an activity so you have no thoughts of the outside world. They go further to explain how this commonly occurs when playing sports and listening to music, but it can also occur when content binging. Keep reading to find out how to craft a B2B marketing strategy with the flow in mind. 

How A Few Pages Can Make Or Break Your Website (Moz)

This article begins by making the claim, “content marketing and SEO are not subjective”. They explain further how each word can be quantified and measured by the return on your business. Away are the days of planting keywords in your content to rank highly. This article explains the step by step process of conducting keyword research and SEO writing to improve your business’ rankings. 

B2B Orgs Tap Through-Channel Marketing As Next Demand Gen Priority (Demand Gen Report)

Demand Gen Report writes about ARO, the fluid management division of Ingersoll Rand, implemented a new partner relationship management solution to support its channel ecosystem. The article continues to discuss the role of through channel marketing automation software and the pivotal role it played in ARO’s success. 

Top CMWorld Speakers Dish Classic Go-To Classic Content Marketing Combos (Top Rank Marketing)

Content marketing has undergone many changes since the old days of 8-bit tactics such as print and articles. We now see content marketing appear in the form of video and interactive articles. This article shares interesting tips from 34 top CMWorld Speakers. To uncover some of these content marketing tactics give this article a quick read! 

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