Fast & Easy Friday: A Recap of the Week’s Top Articles & Insights

TGIF, marketers! We’re celebrating the return of the weekend with a round-up of some of our favorite articles. Trends spotlighted this week include some of our favorites (like serialized, podcasts content), and even some foundational tactics that we’re learning more and more about (like paid advertising). 

Take a look and, as always, we welcome you to share your favorite articles of the week, too!

  • Get the right content intelligence: Measurement is becoming an increasingly important part of our jobs as marketers. We’re feeling more pressure to prove the value of the content and campaigns we roll out, so we need data and insights to help us understand how our initiatives perform. If we get even deeper content intelligence, we can also understand what topics, content formats, promotional tactics and even design concepts resonate best with our audience. We believe the buyer needs to be at the center of all content decisions, and intelligence will allow you to achieve that.
  • A B2B podcast can get how many downloads?: When I think about the future of B2B marketing, the serialized podcast is one of the formats I’m most excited about. There’s a common misconception that certain industries just can’t be transformed to fit the medium, but that isn’t necessarily true. I believe that all industries of the opportunity to inform audiences and tell stories through podcasting. What may determine whether you test out the channel, though, is whether your target buyers tend to prefer audio or visual content. This is a great article because it shows how one B2B brand (LinkedIn) has seen success with The Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast. 
  • Making PPC work for your brand: Search engines are an important part of the modern B2B buyer journey. In fact, many buyers start their researching process on search engines like Bing and Google. However, the B2B marketplace is getting increasingly crowded, and buyers have access to more information and options than ever, so brands need to fight harder to stand out. By following some of the PPC best practices shared in this article, brands can create ad campaigns that resonate with target audiences. 
  • Other trends marketers need to know: It seems like every month there’s another hot new trend or marketing buzzword. This Forbes article breaks it down for the folks that don’t have time to navigate through a slew of sources and spotlights the 13 trends that marketers need to know for 2017. Beyond the marketing standards like social media and mobile marketing, there are some cool trends such as AI/machine learning, visual content marketing and agile marketing that should be at the top of marketers’ lists. 

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Come on back to the Content4Demand blog to garner even more B2B tips and best practices. 


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