Fast & Easy Friday: A Recap of the Week’s Top Content Articles and Insights

Happy Friday, content marketers! I hope you had a wonderful, productive week creating great content, crafting campaigns and pushing the marketing limits! To help inspire you as you go into the weekend, I wanted to share some helpful articles that touch on relationship-building, interactive content and podcasts:

  • Interactive content is your cure for content shock: The average attention span is now a little more than eight seconds. You definitely can’t read a whole white paper or E-book in that short amount of time. In this article, Kaitlyn Kirkaldy of Jebbit shares how interactive content can help marketers create more immersive learning experiences for buyers. It also presents a lot of value to marketers by revealing in-depth user data and arming them with information to improve their content experiences. Kirkaldy notes, however, that marketers need to ask several questions before they start investing in interactive. Check this piece out to see if you’re missing out on new marketing opportunities. 
  • 8 mistakes every content creator makes: We may be marketing masters, but we’re only human. We make mistakes. What I enjoy most about this HubSpot article is that it gets into the nitty-gritty about the most common errors content creators make and offers a few valuable tips for never making those mistakes again! Some are simple (like not editing your work), while others are more complex and strategy-oriented (like not understanding who your readers are). Have you committed any of these faux pas?

How to Make the Right Interactive Content Decisions

  • Create long-lasting relationships on social: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become key channels for B2B brands to share content and amplify brand reach. To get more value out of social efforts, though, marketers must also engage with buyers, offer valuable insights and respond to client/prospect feedback. In fact, I’d argue that the feedback and relationship-building benefits of social media are the most important, and most often overlooked in the B2B space. Check out this article to see how you can further improve your social campaigns and initiatives. 
  • Lessons from creating a weekly podcast: B2B buyers are starting to gravitate to more interactive content formats, including interactive infographics, assessments and even podcasts. Uncovering trends like this allows us to validate experimenting with new, more cutting-edge content formats. But what’s especially interesting about this article is that it shows how Uberflip tackled the podcast trend, the results they realized and the lessons they learned. If you’re considering investing in podcasts, this may be a good place to start to get a better understanding of other brands’ experiences.

Do you have any thoughts or feedback on the articles we shared this week? Have you found another helpful article that you want to share? Please share them in the comments section below!


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