Fast & Easy Friday: A Recap of the Week’s Top Content Articles & Insights

Creating great content is the first of many steps marketers must take to ensure campaign success. Once they finalize their asset (or assets), marketers need to plan and implement a holistic amplification strategy that consists of email, social media, SEO optimization and other elements. 

It may feel dizzying going through the planning process; after all, the optimal promotional plan will vary based on a marketer’s goals and target buyers. Not to mention, there are always industry best practices that need to be applied for each channel. So this week, I’m going to spotlight a few different articles that discuss some of these amplification best practices. I hope they make the planning process a little easier for you:

  • Get your email marketing in check: New promotional channels are always emerging, but email still plays a critical role in the marketing mix. Think of how many times you check your inbox throughout the day — whether you’re using your desktop/laptop, a smartphone or tablet. Email marketing may be valuable, but the reality is that every marketer is doing it; so you need to be more creative and compelling to stand out. This article from Bruce Swann of Adobe Campaign spotlights some email best practices you need to know and apply. One important tip that many marketers don’t think about: Timing is everything. You need to understand your buyers, when they typically check their email and how often, and which devices they use. This intelligence will help you ensure your email is seen when they’re more likely to engage. 
  • How to craft the perfect tweet: Thousands of posts are pushed into the “Twitterverse” every minute. Needless to say, a boring tweet promoting your latest research brief is not going to get you the attention you need or deserve. It may seem difficult to craft a groundbreaking post when you only have 140 characters, but this article from B2B Marketing shows the contrary. Learn how using Twitter images, compelling calls-to-action and even lists can help you generate clicks and downloads. 
  • Using LinkedIn to build your brand: If you’re anything like me, you’re already using LinkedIn to manage your personal relationships with colleagues, clients and other professionals in your industry. But LinkedIn has also become a valuable network for businesses to share news, updates, information about events and even content. If you want some quick, actionable tips for improving your LinkedIn presence and promotional strategies, this #CMWorld Twitter chat summary featuring Chuck Hester is a great place to start. 
  • Get the scoop on the latest social networks: Are you getting tired of the same old cast of social media characters? Are you looking for new vehicles to promote your content and brand? This article from Everything-PR News discusses some of the latest social networks, such as Periscope and Hyper. Who knows, you may end up adding these platforms into your marketing mix!

The most exciting part about being a marketer in the digital world is that there are so many new and exciting ways to share your message with people all around the globe. You just have to find the channels and tactics that resonate with your target audience.



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