Fast & Easy Friday: A Recap of the Week’s Top Content Articles & Insights

The Content4Demand team works with a lot of great vendors and solution providers in the B2B industry. In some cases, we have agency licenses for their solutions so we can test new content formats and tools with our clients. Other times, we turn to them as valuable thought leaders and experts who can help us guide our strategies and projects moving forward. 

In my downtime, I like to visit these vendors’ blogs and see which topics they’re focusing on and the best practices they’re sharing with their audiences. This week, I wanted to give special props to some of our favorite vendors, and break down some blogs I found to be especially valuable. I hope you enjoy them!

  • Master your reporting: We’ve all been there…it’s nearing the end of the quarter and your higher-ups want a recap on all of your campaigns, their results and how you plan to turn leads generated into closed deals. Rather than waiting until the last minute, BlueBird Strategies recommends tracking reporting and making updates consistently. This infographic has a lot of other great recommendations to help you master your reporting skills and develop a stellar presentation for your executive team. 
  • Break through tech clutter: I don’t know about you, but whenever I see one of those graphic illustrations of the marketing tech landscape, I get flustered and dizzy. Don’t get inundated by the galaxy designs, subway maps and clustered graphs. Take a step back and think big picture and what tools you need to achieve your goals. This blog from SnapApp will help you walk through the process, helping you identify what you need, what you don’t and how to drill down your search from there. 
  • Tips for increasing content engagement: People today don’t have patience for irrelevant and boring content. Even if they submit their information in a form, they’ll simply click out of your content and move on if it doesn’t add value to their lives. The key is not only developing compelling messaging but also creating great content experiences. According to this blog from LookBookHQ, that means embedding supplementary content into hero assets, creating comprehensive microsites and touting a variety of different content topics and formats. Detailed, interesting and “binge-able” content experiences are now the key to marketing success. 
  • All about those leads:  Once marketers create great content experiences, how can they drive buyers to submit their information and then continue to engage with them? Our friends at Ceros offered a few key best practices, including testing new content formats, experimenting with different lead capture tactics and analyzing different data streams. Regardless of your content maturity, this blog offers a great set of tips and best practices you can apply today.

Have you applied any of the tips or best practices outlined in these blogs? We’d love to hear your stories and experiences. Share them in the comments section below! 


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