Fast & Easy Friday: A Recap of the Week’s Top Content Articles & Insights

When creating content, it’s invaluable that marketers derive ideas, insights and best practices from a variety of sources. The same could be said for how marketers promote content — there are always new channels and best practices to help them spread the word. Of course, there are the standard internal sources and marketing channels we rely on to collect ideas, find inspiration and promote our resources, but we never want to be predictable or, even worse, boring! 

So for this week, I wanted to share a few different articles that share some new ways you can find content inspiration, and even share and promote your content: 

  • Take cues from improv greats: B2B marketing has a reputation for being extremely dry and boring. This isn’t always the case — especially when you take cues from standup comedy and improvisation. This article features insights from Kathy Klotz-Guest, founder of Keeping It Human and an improv specialist. She explains in the piece that sometimes, pushing limits, conjuring up funny ideas and simply seeing how your audience reacts can have a big impact on brand perception and content performance. 
  • Embrace native content to extend messaging reach: Native advertising has come more to the forefront in the content marketing realm. In a way it’s still a bright, shiny toy — it has a lot of potential but it’s still difficult for some marketers to fully understand the trend and leverage it effectively. Of course, native content is extremely different than a bland advertorial or paid spot that explicitly promotes a brand and its products/services. Some publishers, such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal have published some sponsored resources that are interactive, educational and compelling. This, at the end of the day, is the most important thing for brands. 
  • Empower your sales team to get the word out: More than half of B2B decision-makers say their sales enablement strategy can be improved upon. Giving sales reps quick and easy access to hyperrelevant content at the right time is a great way to start. This article from eMarketer illustrates the role your sales team can play in extending content reach and reaffirming your brand’s unique perspectives and insights. Some B2B brands are, in turn, investing more time and budget in building out their sales enablement programs and strategies. 
  • Uncover new best practices with relevant research data: Sometimes the best way to validate potential investments or strategies is to find some research that supports your cause. While this can easily be applied to all areas of B2B marketing, I can’t help but feel it rings especially true for email marketing. So many companies still follow the mantra that when it comes to email, more is better. Meaning, having more words in an email is the best way to make your case. This article will debunk this myth and offer a few best practices you can consider as you develop your content marketing plan and strategies for 2017. 

Are there any other articles that reveal interesting tips or best practices that inspire you? Share them in the comments section below! 




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