Fast & Easy Friday: A Recap of the Week’s Top Content Articles & Insights

It’s been a busy month for B2B marketers. A few weeks ago, we were updating you on some of the hot topics and takeaways from Dreamforce 2016. This week, our peers and colleagues are hitting the exhibit hall pavement at the MarketingPros B2B Marketing Forum in Boston, Mass.

There’s still some coverage trickling out, but we thought it would be fun to find articles from this week that touch on some of the topics being covered at the event. Check out what we found: 

  • Writing tips for non-writers: All marketers have their own individual strengths. While some have perfected data-driven marketing and analytics, others are great nurture campaign designers. And finally, some are more content creators and focus on the creative side of things. Regardless of your strengths, all marketers should have basic writing fundamentals down. If you’re looking for a great place to start, this article is it. It’s a podcast and step-by-step recap from an article featuring Ann Handley, author and head of content at MarketingProfs. 
  • How to get influencer marketing right: Influencer marketing is a hot topic in the B2B world right now, so it’s no surprise that there’s a session at the B2B Marketing Forum focused on this very topic. But what’s most interesting about influencer marketing is that even the most minor things could determine the success (or failure) of these projects. This article provides a close look at how an agency handled two different influencer campaigns for two different clients that had very similar goals and budget. Take a look at how planning and management tactics determined their fate.
  • Bring your ABM strategy to life: In the new era of marketing, it’s less about the “what” and more about the “who.” That’s why account-based marketing (ABM) is so powerful; it allows organizations to scale back on mass content creation and instead, create extremely specific assets and campaigns that target key accounts. Once you’ve defined whom you’re trying to reach, you need to design content that aligns with accounts’ specific needs and pains. While you may not be creating a lot of net-new content, you’re reversioning assets so they’re more tailored to these accounts’ unique situations. Check out this article to learn how your marketing and sales teams can both benefit from ABM. 
  • Are you a marketer or a mind-reader?I couldn’t close out the column with at least one recap from the B2B Marketing Forum and, needless to say, this piece is extremely relevant to the Content4Demand team. This piece from the TopRank Marketing blog recaps the session featuring Aberdeen Group’s Director of Content Strategy Matthew T. Grant and Research Analyst Andrew Moravick. During their presentation, Grant and Moravick shared three ways B2B organizations can better understand their target buyers and truly get inside their frame of mind. Doing so will help you create more relevant content and, of course, more successful campaigns. 


Did you see any other interesting recaps come out of the B2B Marketing Forum? We’d love to see them! Share them in the comments section below. 


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