Fast & Easy Friday: A Recap of the Week’s Top Content Articles & Insights

As marketers, we have to make some hard decisions and complete some difficult tasks. Depending on your title, you may be helping develop big-picture marketing strategy, writing/managing content or designing nurture campaigns. Then, add a few last-minute tasks and tight deadlines to the mix. 

Sometimes, we need tools and resources to lighten the load and make our lives a little easier. So for this week’s Fast & Easy Friday, I wanted to showcase some cool tools and apps that are designed to help marketers just like us!

  • 5 tools to help you create better content ideas: Powerful, compelling content starts with a great idea. We’ve all had our moments of writer’s block, and sometimes we need some inspiration. Or better yet, we could use some tools that do all the heavy lifting for us! This article from Jayson DeMers of AudienceBloom shows why ideas are the vital foundation of great content, and shares some valuable — and free — tools to help you build your list of content topics.
  • 17 platforms that will make you a better marketer: What I love most about this article from Contently is that it’s broken down by company size. Each business is different, and we all have different needs based on our size and employee count. But when it comes time to find the right solution for our business, it can be a bit daunting navigating the space. This article practically breaks down the entire marketing tech world — from marketing automation to content management and analytics. 
  • Get to know the advocacy tech market: In a new report, Forrester’s Laura Ramos discussed the value of formal advocate marketing programs. We all want to get closer to our customers and prospects, and advocate marketing programs allow you to do just that! You can formally reach out to happy customers to mine insights and leverage their experiences and best practices for future campaigns. This article zeroes in on the new tech companies that help marketers streamline their initiatives and see stellar results. 
  • Storytelling technology comes into focus: Advocate marketing helps B2B organizations tell more authentic and customer-centric stories. B2B firms are investing in a variety of other tools and technologies in order to facilitate their transition to “sustained storytelling.” According to a survey from Researchscape, 58% of companies invested in new technologies to help their brands tell stories throughout the year. This article provides a closer look into the research and why storytelling is the future of content marketing

I hope you found a few helpful resources that you can add to your marketing toolbox!


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