Joe Pulizzi’s Book Shares Epic Content Marketing Strategies

eMarketer predicts $118.4 billion will be spend on content marketing, video marketing, and social media this year. With 79% of B2B marketers already using content marketing to achieve brand awareness and goals, the prediction seems accurate. In addition, CMOs are siding with content marketing; they consider it to be the future of marketing. For this reason, Joe Pulizzi, a leader in the content marketing space and Founder of Content Marketing Institute, has released his latest book which highlights core strategies of content marketing. The book, Epic Content Marketing: How To Tell A Different Story, Break Through The Clutter, And Win More Customer By Marketing Less, offers a step-by-step process to storytelling as a way to inform, entertain and compel customers to act without necessarily telling them to do something.

The new book aims to help marketers and business owners find and keep more customers by leveraging real-world tools including how to discover and develop your content marketing mission statement, set up a process for creating and curating epic content and learn how to leverage social and email channels to create and grow your audience.

According to Julie Fleischer, Director of Media and Consumer Engagement at Kraft Foods, Pulizzi “lays out the objectives, principles and core strategies of content marketing in a way that’s easy to understand, inspiring and entertaining,” she said.  “If your company doesn’t yet realize that it’s a media company, you’re missing the most powerful way to connect with your customers.”

To hear Pulizzi share his views on creating a killer B2B content strategy, view the ondemand session from the 2013 B2B Content2Conversion Conference.


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