Pinterest Rolls Out New Business Features – Including Verification

Last week, Pinterest announced its new “secret boards” feature. Today, it followed that up with a bunch of announcements designed to make life easier for business users on the image-sharing site.

The changes were announced on the Pinterest blog this morning. They include:

  • New terms of use customized for business and individual users. (I have no idea how they differ because I don’t want to make my eyeballs bleed from reading legal fine print.)
  • web site verification feature – currently supported only for top-level domains – that will go a long way towards running off squatters.
  • New buttons and widgets for business web sites, including “Pin It” and “Follow” buttons.
  • A vague but encouraging promise about “access to upcoming features” aimed to business users.

You can find the business registration page for Pinterest here. It’s still free, by the way.

We wrote earlier this year about Pinterest as a potential B2B marketing platform. It’s clear that Pinterest still sees itself as primarily a platform for B2C companies and especially retailers. For B2B firms that have established a presence on the site, however, the improvements will go a long way towards supporting their efforts.


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