The 5 (Actually, Make That 6) Types Of Social Media Complainers

Today, a fun infographic from Pardot. If you work the social media/customer service space, your smile may be a little forced, since this can surface some painful memories:

How to Deal With Social Media Complainers [INFOGRAPHIC] - An Infographic from Pardot

(Embedded from Pardot.)

Can we apply this model to interactions with B2B customers? In many cases, we probably can. People are people, and the folks who feel the pain when a product or service makes their job harder will be the ones who jump on Twitter or LinkedIn to make sure that you feel some pain, too.

And as frustrating as these folks can be, they’re arguably better than a sixth type of complainer: the one you never hear from. After all, you can (usually) engage a vocally unhappy customer, figure out what’s wrong and save the relationship. The ones who suffer quietly may never give you that chance.

-Matthew McKenzie



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