Timing Your Twitter Posts To Maximize User Engagement

Buddy Media just released the results of a new social media engagement study. It discusses something many of us already knew: Users don’t necessarily engage with Twitter content during business hours.

What did surprise me, however, was just how much engagement dropped off during the week, as opposed to weekends. The question is whether – or to what extent – Buddy Media’s B2C-focused study applies to B2B content marketing.

Here’s the key graphic from the study:


As you can see, there’s an inverse relationship between when marketers actually post to Twitter and when they should be posting to it.

Twitter, by the way, is rather unique in that new Tweets get pushed down the page and out of sight so quickly. Facebook, on the other hand, is far less sensitive to posting time, since Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm can allow content to stay prominent in a news feed for much longer.

So let’s go back to that question: Does any of this matter to B2B marketers? I’m going to answer with a qualified “yes” – I see anecdotal evidence that B2B engagement on Twitter is still strong (if not as strong) outside of business hours.

But the real point, I think, isn’t that you should take my word for it. Instead, timing your Tweets and other social media posts should be something you experiment with and test constantly. That’s especially true since B2B content marketing depends so heavily upon your specific industry and audience focus.

-Matthew McKenzie


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