What Does It Take To Create Viral Video?

Viral video is a disease that every CMO would love to catch. It’s easy to see why: Dollar for dollar, a video that hits the big time on YouTube delivers the closest thing to infinite ROI you’re ever likely to see.

The good news is that it’s pretty easy to figure out what makes a video go viral. Let’s start with this February, 2012 TEDTalk video from YouTube’s own Kevin Allocca. Kevin shares the four top reasons why video goes viral.

The examples Allocca cites are about as far as you’ll ever get from typical B2B fare. But the underlying lessons – the impact of tastemakers, for example, or content that inspires others to respond – are worth studying.

Finally, here’s a list of additional thoughts and suggestions for creating viral videos.

This stuff is worth thinking about because it will make your own video content better – potentially a lot better. Just don’t get too attached to the idea of “creating” a truly viral video. In the end, you’re just as likely to “create” a winning Powerball lottery pick.

-Matthew McKenzie


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