How Well Do You Know Your Buyer?

Putting your buyer at the center of your messaging is the first step of successful content marketing.

What’s the second step?

Building a personalized map that aligns with stages in the buying cycle and answers key questions buyers will be asking along the way.

Knowing your buyer is key, and using that intelligence to drive engagements will help to differentiate your message from the competition.

Who? Why? How? When?

A buyer profile should be a composite of knowledge from sources that are as close to real-time as possible and can be tapped often so that your content is aligned with the current marketplace. Asking the right questions is vital to uncover actionable knowledge.

Questions About Buyers

What about your job keeps you up at night?

What are your top priorities right now?

What metrics define success for you?

What’s your buying process look like?

Who else decides on solutions to your challenges?

Where do you go for trend and product information?

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