Repurposing: Get more mileage out of your content library

Within your content library is a treasure trove of information and messaging that can be updated and reused for different formats, personas and stages of the buyer’s journey.

Content4Demand provides repurposing services to help marketers get the most value and ROI from their existing content. While conducting content audits and gap analyses, the Content4Demand team provides existing assets with a repurposing score based on their age, relevance and alignment to personas.

Using this score as a reference point, we help B2B firms:

  • Prioritize projects based on their repurposing score
  • Align content topics to the buyer’s journey and key messaging points
  • Consider how existing content can be refreshed and updated
  • Develop a strategy for breaking down larger assets into smaller, different formats such as infographics, blog posts and social images


Combine shorter assets to create long-form pieces, including white papers, E-books and best-practices guides

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