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Audience-Centric Formats You Need to Add to Your Catalog

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What’s your preferred music format? MP3? CD? Vinyl? Whether you’re loyal to one or the other, or prefer a combination of several, the reality is that you still have a preferred music format. Your preference likely depends on who you are, the mood you’re in, what you’re doing and what genre you’re listening to. What if we told you the same could be said about B2B buyers and their content consumption?

There are a variety of ways B2B marketers can package their content: eBooks, quizzes, checklists, podcasts, infographics, blogs…the list goes on and on. But which content formats are most relevant for your target audience?

Join the team at Content4Demand for a roundtable discussion of client case studies and real-world examples of impactful content formats. We highlight what our clients find to be the most engaging and impactful content formats in today’s B2B marketing landscape. Our panel of content experts discuss:

  • How top B2B brands are using these formats;
  • How to ensure these content formats are audience-focused;
  • Where in the B2B buyer’s journey each format performs best; and
  • Which B2B audiences respond best to each content type.

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