The Payoffs of a Strategic Content Audit

The Gift That Keeps On Giving for Unlimited Content Opportunity

Does the task of identifying what existing content you can use for a new campaign bring on a cold sweat? Can you justify the cost of new content, without knowing exactly what you’ve got on hand? Content audits are the gifts that keep on giving, unwrapping new opportunities as you analyze the results and identify opportunities for targeting existing and new personas; diversifying your formats; and identifying neglected buying stages.

The results of a custom audit can go further to give you laser focus on a specific campaign, a trending topic, or a new theme or persona. Presenting the results of a content audit can also help educate stakeholders and gain support for making investments in content marketing best practices. 

Join Content4Demand and JLL to see how JLL examined its existing content to mine the gems it could use for its upcoming Future of Work (FOW) campaign.

Christine Elliott and Dana Harder will walk you through JLL’s successful custom content audit and discuss its value. Watch the webinar and learn to mine uncover the secret treasures in your content library.

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