C4D’s experience and proven methodology give B2B companies the tools to understand their buyers and to create, refine and package content that engages them.

Our proprietary Campaign Playbook and Content Maturity Model are the cornerstones of our methodology, which builds strategic content plans based on the buyer’s journey.

Personas & Buyer Assessments

We don’t just create dating profile-style personas. Our approach incorporates targeted customer and prospect research, as well as best practices to help you build an action plan with strategic messaging and content formats that resonate with your buyers and move them through defined buying stages.

Gap Analysis

We analyze complete content inventories and define gaps—missed opportunities to connect with key buyer personas, bring them into the sales funnel and accelerate their path to purchase.

Content Audit

We assess existing content to identify messaging gaps and opportunities to repurpose content into new formats and/or refresh messaging for a new target audience.

Messaging & Content Maps

We map out and deliver a multi-touch approach to content for the growing need for lead nurturing. Our recommendations include a mix of short-form and long-form content delivered in the format your buyer personas prefer.

Campaign Assessment

We offer our clients insights into what to measure and how to optimize content marketing investments across channels.

Content Creation

Our content creation process becomes a natural extension of the foundational personas. This is when all the hard work begins to pay off, with carefully crafted and compelling content that’s designed to engage and inspire your prospects.

We create and deliver content in a variety of formats.

Support Services

As publishers of Demand Gen Report, we spend a great deal of time analyzing the types of content that are driving successful campaigns. We can also support your efforts with email writing, coding, websites, blog posts and events.

Custom Research

The more you know about your buyers and prospects, the better positioned you are to create content that engages them. We know where to dig and what questions to ask to uncover key insights into your buyers’ goals, challenges, roadblocks and purchasing patterns.

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