• B2B organizations that have a documented content strategy are far more successful in their efforts. While only 30% of all B2B organizations say they are effective at content marketing, 48% of businesses with a documented content strategy say the same, according to research from the Content Marketing Institute.

    Content4Demand can help you build that content strategy foundation from the ground up by offering the following services:

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    • Buyer persona development
      After conducting targeted customer and prospect research, we identify strategic messaging and content formats that resonate with buyers and move them through the researching and consideration process.
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    • icon_strategy_content-audit

    • Content audit
      We assess a client’s existing content to identify messaging gaps and opportunities to repurpose content into new formats.
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    • Gap analysis
      We dive deep into a client’s content inventory and analyze each piece for its timeliness, relevancy and alignment to specific personas and the buyer’s journey. We then pinpoint gaps and potential opportunities to repurpose or update existing assets.
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    • Messaging
      We strategize and deliver a multi-touch, multi-format approach to content for effective buyer engagement and lead nurturing.
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