• Knowing your buyer is the foundation of a successful content strategy. At Content4Demand, we conduct buyer persona research and use this data to build out a personalized map that aligns with all stages of the decision-making journey.

    Taking this buyer-centric approach will empower you to differentiate your message and create impactful content that enables you to better connect with customers and prospects.

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Who? Why? How? When?

  • A buyer profile should be a living, breathing source of knowledge that enables your organization to get a glimpse into your target customers and build highly relevant content.

    Asking the right questions is vital to uncover actionable knowledge. For example:

    • What are their top business priorities?
    • Where do they search for information and guidance?
    • What metrics define success?
    • Who influences their buying decisions?
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    • See samples of C4D’s persona work and message mapping.

Putting Knowledge To Work

  • After gathering answers through surveys, research and expert interviews, C4D analyzes the knowledge for messaging entry points that are mapped across buying stages and buyer profiles. This is the foundation of an effective content strategy.

    C4D can help you develop a messaging playbook that includes:

    • Information about buyer job roles and organizational functions
    • Key buyer pain points
    • Key triggers that influence pipeline acceleration/deceleration
    • The length and complexity of the buyer’s journey
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