Taking A Modular Approach To Content Strategy

Many marketers are still struggling with a one-off approach to creating content to feed their engagement campaigns. This old model is breaking down on a number of levels, as it is inefficient from a strategic standpoint and also feels disjointed for customers and prospects who are expecting to have a consistent conversation with brands.

Rather than struggle to come up with new topics and offers each month or each quarter, progressive brands are taking more of a building-block approach to their content strategy. With this approach, marketers are able to start with big ideas that can be broken into smaller pieces, and also identify opportunities to turn blogs and social media posts into more comprehensive overviews.

Tune into this webinar and access takeaways on:

  • Turning big ideas into bite-size content morsels
  • Maximizing the mileage of your content
  • Utilizing new formats to engage buyers
  • Building persona-based frameworks



 Matt Papertsian,
Research Director,
 Andrew Gaffney,
Content Director,
Demand Gen Report/Content4Demand

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