The Lead Nurturing Playbook: 12 Examples Of Winning Campaigns

Lead nurturing is a powerful tool for generating better leads at a lower cost. If you want to do lead nurturing right, though, you need to know how to play the game – and what it takes to win.

The Lead Nurturing Playbook answers these questions. In this free 19-page e-book, you’ll get the lowdown on a dozen of the most common lead nurturing options, including when to use a specific nurture, how to get started, and what to expect as your campaign progresses. We’ll show you a lead nurturing play for every situation, including:

  • The New Prospect Nurture
  • The Remarketing Nurture
  • The ‘Wake The Dead’ Nurture
  • The Company-Specific Nurture


And many more! We’ll also tell you which nurturing options are ideal for a basic B2B marketing mix and which ones are more suitable for advanced programs, along with some real-world examples of these nurtures at work.

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