4 Ways To Make Your Blogs A Long Term Love (And Less Of A Fling)

love heart sweetsEach month 329 million people read blogs, according to NewsCred. Given that that’s only slightly more than the US population, one would assume that blogs are important, and they are. However, anyone can sit and write 25 blogs per week. Quantity might get you heard, but quality will keep them coming back for more.

Engaging blogs are carefully constructed, but you don’t have to be a great writer to create blogs that (a) people will read at first visit and (b) will keep them coming back week after week.

Give Attention To Get Attention

Write like the person reading is the center of your universe, write to the reader and only them. This conveys a sense of exclusivity that makes each reader feel important. As they should feel! Readers are more likely to follow and consume content when they feel it’s not only geared towards them, but directed at them.

Essential to creating this feeling is knowing exactly who your readers are. Learn all about them:

•    Are they executives? Associates?
•    What is their problem?
•    Are you their solution?

Once you know your audience well, you are ready to make them feel special by speaking to them.

Aim For 600 Words Or Fewer

Just like this section, short, sweet and to the point is key. No matter who your target is, chances are, they don’t have time. We’re all in a hurry nowadays! Hit all the points you set out to, but remember that you aren’t writing a white paper. So, keep it under 600 words and you’re set.

Use Lists And Statistics

Backing up to my last point, today’s B2B buyers prefer to consume shorter, smaller chunks of information. Give them lists and visuals. Statistics make your case more persuasive by validating your message.

•    Most readers are able to read faster and obtain more of the information if it is provided in list form;
•    Lists will help keep word count down if utilized correctly; and
•    Lists help split up a blog, providing yet another feeling of “ease” in consumption.

Use stats, use bullets and lists, and your content will get heard and keep them asking for more!

Let Your Unique Voice Shine

Keeping up with the “Joneses” is one thing, but sounding like them is a whole other. Making sure you keep on top of trends that seem fitting and have potential for becoming an asset to you is a “no-brainer”, but there is absolutely no reason for you to mimic the way other bloggers speak.

Think about a good friend of yours for a second. Now think about only talking to them for the next several years. No matter how much you adore them, the way they speak and their choice of vocabulary might become a little irritating. Same thing when it comes to blogging. That’s why we are all so special: We are unique! Try changing up the tone of your article and maybe close out of the thesaurus tab in your browser.  It’s a breath of fresh air (for lack of a better cliche) when an article reads differently than the one that came before it. This is not to say that you should switch your voice around that could get confusing — but instead of trying to focus on how others are speaking in their blogs, focus on how you want to in yours!

Mike Cubberly, Marketing / Demand Gen Manager


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