5 TikTok Accounts for Marketing & Branding Fanatics

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TikTok has become a haven for folks looking to fill their free time and, frankly, escape from the doom and gloom of the real world. While some love to get engulfed in the latest dance challenges, others prefer to get lost in cooking and makeup tutorials, or even binge watch inspirational speeches from business coaches and self-help gurus. But did you know that TikTok’s digital marketing community is blossoming?

I admit, I wasn’t super into TikTok at first. Honestly, it confused me. But thanks to my super hip older sister (yeah, she still teaches me stuff), I’ve immersed myself in the platform and found that I can binge content all around marketing and branding, my two passions. If you’re not quite sure where to get started in the TikTok universe, here are some of my favorite accounts focused on marketing:


CMO and entrepreneur Mario Moreno is an all-around social media master who hosts a podcast and provides educational courses for folks looking specifically to boost their Instagram and TikTok strategies. But if you scroll through his FollowMario TikTok feed, you’ll see he drops a number of marketing truth bombs, including lessons from his own experiences.


A former Facebook employee launched Plai to make campaign creation and management easier. While the company is fascinating on its own, the TikTok account is a great platform for this mission to truly come to life. Filled with funny memes, campaign hacks and tutorials, the account provides content for everyone.

Personally, my favorite segment is “Marketing Tricks That U Fall 4,” which delves into some of the extremely powerful (and sneaky) methods we use and experience every day. It really shows how influential marketing and branding tactics can be in the decision-making process.


Marketing hacks pt 3 😳 Follow me on IG ##marketing ##business ##entrepreneur

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Marketing with Sam

Sam Ogborn is a marketing consultant and host of the podcast, “The Next Big Thing.” Her TikTok account zeroes in on more of the practical, day-to-day tips to help marketers be successful in everything from running meetings to managing productivity and acquiring new skills and training. She even offers guidance for marketers who want to do some quick-and-easy content ideation and creation.

Gerardo Perez

Gerardo is the founder of Marketing &, a firm that specializes in creative advertising on TikTok and Facebook, brand design and strategy, social media and e-Commerce consulting. I love that he delves into some of the latest marketing campaigns and the reasons they’re so effective.

Take the partnership between McDonald’s and Travis Scott as an example: This is influencer marketing 101. Gerardo uses this new partnership to highlight how influencers drive purchase decisions and what the keys are to success. He also shares some great tools, resources and tips to help even the scrappiest marketers launch stellar creative campaigns on time and on budget.

Salt and Soul Collective

As a content strategist, I’m always looking to expand my design knowledge. After all, design and the written word rely on each other to bring stories to life, especially through media like interactive experiences and videos. Part of gaining that knowledge means applying it in my daily life.

That’s why I love this account from Emily DeMichele, who is a designer and brand strategist. She shares a variety of quick and easy tutorials to help me up my design game on social media. But she also fulfills my need for deeper analysis by delving into color theory and other fascinating topics. These quick clips are greater teasers to her brand/design masterclass, which she offers on her website.

These are only a small fraction of a growing list that zeroes in on all things marketing and branding. It goes to show that while on the surface, TikTok seems like a hot spot for Gen Z, it’s evolving into a fun yet resourceful tool for professionals. If you’re looking for other quick and easy tools that pack a powerful punch, check out our new content format discovery tool! With just a few clicks, you’ll find new ways to tell your next big story.

Alicia Esposito

Alicia Esposito is VP of Content for Retail TouchPoints. Formerly a Senior Content Strategist for Content4Demand, she oversaw the content and editorial strategy for B2B clients in a variety of industries. She also helped company partners and clients with their content strategy and creation efforts and has a passion for crafting immersive and relevant content experiences using new approaches to storytelling, interactive formats, influencers and more. When she’s not dwelling over all things branding, messaging and content strategy, she’s spending quality time with her family, binging on Netflix or eating guacamole.


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