C4D Staffer Spotlight: Matthew McKenzie, Chief Content Officer

Happy Monday, everyone! We hope you enjoyed a relaxing long weekend with family and friends as you celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday. Before you start hitting your favorite web sites to snag some Cyber Monday savings, celebrate our latest installment of the C4D Staffer Spotlight! 

This week, learn some fun facts about our Chief Content Officer Matthew McKenzie:

At Work:

What current B2B marketing trend is inspiring you right now?

Common sense: Focusing on your customers, not on yourself. Conversations instead of monologues. “Listen and learn” rather than “spray and pray.” Marketing decisions based on data and analysis — not on conventional wisdom and a cracked crystal ball. 

And while lots of organizations are making these shifts, enough aren’t to prove that common sense isn’t so common.

What accomplishment are you proudest of?

My role in building and improving our consulting solutions. We offer a strong combination of industry-standard frameworks for things like persona development and messaging, combined with our emphasis on practical insights, sustainable processes and actionable guidance. 

I think there’s a bit of frustration in some organizations — a feeling that modern marketing has tilted too far towards rocket science and complexity for its own sake. Our approach cuts this stuff down to size and delivers results, and it’s a great feeling when a client “gets it” and makes that big breakthrough.

What common B2B marketing mistake makes you cringe?

This weird obsession with pigeonholing certain content formats into specific roles: “Hey, you can’t use that infographic there! That’s a TOP OF FUNNEL format!” It’s ass-backwards, and it really needs to stop. 

Here’s a better approach: Create great content that speaks to the right people at the right point in their decision-making journey. Once you’ve got that, select the format that best suits the message and the preferences of your audience. I promise the Content Cops won’t kick in your door and take you away. . . probably.

At Play:

What city do you live in, and what’s great about it? 

I live in Seattle. I can go upstairs to the roof of my building, turn in a circle, and I’ll see Puget Sound, Lake Union, Lake Washington, a volcano and two mountain ranges. It’s not like I spend every free moment climbing mountains, but it’s a place where your surroundings influence your mindset in a very good way.

Who would play you in “C4D: The Movie”? 

Me. And if I find any brown M&Ms in my dressing room, there’s gonna be trouble.

What’s the weirdest job you ever had? 

Not really weird, but I drove a taxi in San Francisco off and on for several years. I had plenty of work as a writer and didn’t need the job, but it was interesting, and it allowed me to spend time exploring one of my other favorite places in the world.

Stay tuned for another C4D Staffer Spotlight next month! 


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