Fast & Easy Friday: A Recap of the Week’s Top Content Articles & Insights

Happy Black Friday, everyone! You may be planning to hit the mall (or Internet!) to get your hands on some discounted goods, or maybe you’re still drowsy from all that tryptophan (ahem, wine) you consumed last night.

Regardless, we’re here to provide you with some content marketing articles and blogs that inspired us as we got into the holiday spirit.

Snack on these helpful articles as you heat up your Turkey Day leftovers!

  • Kick your content marketing strategy up a notch: We’ve officially kicked off the holiday season, so in addition to crossing off your shopping lists and gorging on delectable treats, we’re sure you’re also starting to plan your content marketing investments for 2016. This article, courtesy of BizCommunity, offers some great tips and best practices for bringing your strategy to the next level. Our personal favorite: Think beyond a campaign and look at your long-term business goals to develop a holistic strategy. 
  • Want to measure your content’s success? Here’s what you should track: Content measurement has become a key talking point for marketers, especially as they strive to validate their investments and ask for more funding for the year ahead. However, it is evident that many marketers are still struggling to determine which KPIs and metrics they should be tracking. This article from Forbes breaks through the clutter and outlines three factors that determine content success. 
  • Are you a business blogging powerhouse? Compare your blogging tactics to more than 1,000 other bloggers by checking out this new research from Orbit Media Studios. Some interesting trends: Most bloggers only spend between one and two hours crafting a post. Moreover, bloggers consider social media a top channel to drive traffic to their posts. In addition to great data points, this article offers helpful tips and insights from some of the top bloggers in the biz! 
  • Never lose steam in your blogging brainstorming sessions: Speaking of blogging, we all can agree that it is extremely daunting to constantly create fresh, fun and timely posts. If you’re in need of some inspiration, this article is a great starting point. And if you’re still struggling, you can always use helpful tools like this one from HubSpot!

What other articles and insights did you find extra helpful this week? Feel free to share in the comments section below!


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