As a content strategist, experience is top-of-mind for me. How, when and why do people consume information. What drives engagement. What frustrates people. What encourages them to act. The reality is that every person is different, and asking these questions is enough to make your head spin. So sometimes, I turn to a few trusted sources for inspiration. Here are some of my favorite from the past month: 

1. Content experiences that werk A new framework for creating compelling content experiences at scale 
And when I say “werk,” I mean “weerrrrkkkk.” That means pushing creating limits and finding ways to create relevant and immersive content experiences – even if your brand and products are not the most fun or cutting edge. You may be saying, “easier said than done, Alicia.” Not quite. Uberflip came up with a content experience framework designed to help brands do this…at scale. Take a look and get ready to “ooh” and “aah.” 

2. You smell that? –
Writing tips from Ann Handley and a stink bug 
I always love reading little tidbits and inspirational pieces from Ann Handley, the O.G. Chief Content Officer and all-around hero to marketers around the world. This article, however, has to be one of my favorites. She breaks down an article from the New Yorker and explains how B2B marketers telling complex stories can translate them for buyers in simpler, more engaging terms. The article’s focus? Stink bugs. Put down the perfume and start freshening up your writing skills.  
Stink bug3. Say it loud, say it proud – Tell a story with your tagline 
Although I love many facets of being a content strategist, I’d have to say branding work is my favorite. That means helping brands come up with stellar slogans and taglines for new products, campaigns, events and even their overall business. It is sometimes an arduous, iterative process (JK, it always is), but having inspiration is a great place to start. This blog post from HubSpot gets you started with 27 different examples from all over the map

4. The next level for events – Embracing experiential marketing 
Most B2B brands are holding events in some capacity, but technology is changing all the rules and forcing brands to push their methods even further. Look no further than our B2C counterparts for inspiration. Brands like Nike and Rebecca Minkoff are turning their stores into experiences. Technology and social media can help B2B marketers do the same. Michael Brenner, a household name in the B2B marketing world, gives us a hearty helping of inspiration as we start to brainstorm for our next event.  

5. Get the coffee ready – Lessons from companies in hyper-growth mode 
When I read this post on the Demand Gen Report blog, I felt like I was nodding so much my head was going to roll off. It ain’t easy being a part of a company that’s growing – and growing fast. DGR’s News Editor Brian Anderson recaps the stellar session Molly Graham did at HyperGrowth East and, frankly, she got super real about the whole journey. Although this isn’t “experienced focused,” it helps set my mind straight about being part of a fast-growing company. The days may be long and hectic, but there’s always time to find inspiration and get my creative juices flowing! 

We hope we’ve helped inspire you on your path to improving B2B marketing content. If you’re eager to read more, check out our Resources Page.




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