Here is our countdown of the top-trending pieces and posts generating buzz and airplay for this month in content marketing. These intriguing conversations and case studies not only drove eyeballs and downloads, but stirred some interesting comments and dialogue along the way. 

1. Content Evolution — Jason Miller’s blog on evolving the content conversation

Jason is one of the original bad-ass content marketers out there and in his current role at LinkedIn, he has a great view of how other B2B brands are adjusting to changes in behavior. Take a read of his latest blog and see if you agree or disagree on what is changing or needs to change in content marketing.

2. Changing the Game — B2B Game Changers: Integrate’s Top 40+ list of revenue marketers

This list is made of a variety of roles (from CMOs to marketing automation managers) and a great mix of brands. Definitely worth a read to find out how these marketers are shaking things up with new approaches to generating demand.

3. Refreshing Re-Engagement — Demand Gen Report’s 2018 Lead Nurture Study

The research revealed that performance of traditional nurture campaigns is starting to flatline. But the reality remains that B2B marketers still must find ways to help accelerate long sales cycles and engage multiple influencers within buying groups. Check out the study to find out how progressive marketers are adapting by using video and more personalized content to segment their re-engagement programs.

4. B2B’s Blindspot — Webcast on why marketing needs to move to on-demand models.

Elle Woulfe is another content badass back to her days with Eloqua. Now as VP of Marketing at PathFactory, she is helping to rewrite the rules of content marketing and lead nurturing. Check out the recent webcast she presented, which showed why traditional content marketing is too slow, too generic and too difficult for buyers to engage with.

5. Content Marketing, The Remix — Coverage from Uberflip’s Convex Event

Klaudia Tirico, another rockstar and Features Editor from our sister publication, Demand Gen Report, wrote some great pieces recapping Uberflip’s recent Conex event. Check one out to see how top brands are no longer just creating content, but now activating it at scale.

Check back soon for another installment of our new Content Hit List. It may not always be curated by our own Content4Demand President Andrew Gaffney, but it will always give you a backstage pass to the posts and content that we think are worth your attention.


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