Content Marketer Spotlight: Steve Voith, Cox Media

A few weeks ago, we launched a new, special blog column to introduce you to individual members of the C4D team. Now, we’re sharing the spotlight with customers, partners and our fellow content marketers in a new column. Our goal is to broaden the conversations about B2B marketing, get to know influencers in the industry and share their tips and best practices for success.

We’re shining our first spotlight on Steve Voith, Lead & Demand Generation Communications Manager for one of our customers, Cox Media. We hope you enjoy getting to know him as much as we have!


What’s your role at Cox Media? My job is to develop compelling content that helps Cox Media’s clients be more successful and connects them with talented marketing professionals. I work hand-in-hand with our lead and demand generation team to ensure the content and campaigns I’m creating fuel our new-business efforts and engage our current clients.

What current B2B marketing trend is inspiring you right now? Content discoverability. I’ve most recently become obsessed with the best ways to organize Cox Media’s content so that clients can find exactly what they need — especially if they don’t know what they need. We partnered with Uberflip to host all of our content on the Cox Media Hub. It’s visually appealing, engaging and, most important to me, easy to organize…and reorganize.

What’s one of your favorite projects or campaigns you’ve worked on, and why? The team at Cox Media just wrapped our Countdown to Holiday Marketing Success. This was a particularly fun campaign to execute given the interactive nature of the countdown tool and the progressive release of the content we created for local businesses. We partnered with Content4Demand on this campaign and saw great results, both in terms of increased traffic to our web properties and a 60% increase in client inquiries. 

What B2B marketing mistake makes you cringe? Overly aggressive email campaigns. I’ve recently found myself on the receiving end of several email campaigns looking to schedule an appointment and tell me how important “X software” or “Y interface” is to my marketing plans. I cringe at this, because we don’t know each other — how could they possibly know what I need? A smoother approach is to first demonstrate value through sharing insights and expertise. Shoot, ask me to share some of my marketing challenges before you start telling me you’ve got the solution.


What’s your life motto? “Never settle for mediocrity.” My grandfather used to say this to me. I’ve carried it with me both personally and professionally; it’s a fantastic reminder to never settle for “meh.”

What’s your favorite song, movie or TV show? Game of Thrones! I’ve read all five books, but I have mixed feelings about the direction the HBO series is taking the story. If anyone is looking to debate the merits of the novels versus the TV series, I’m available to discuss — beer not required, but highly encouraged.

Fun fact: I recently got ordained online as a minister and conducted the marriage ceremony for two good friends of mine. It was a thrill to write and an honor to perform.

Stay tuned for another Content Marketer Spotlight next month!



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