Tips and Tricks from the Content Marketing Trenches

We have quite a number of content campaigns under our belts here at Content4Demand, and executing those campaigns has taught us some valuable lessons. These tips and best practices come directly from what we’ve learned over years executing content marketing campaigns.

Whether your business is just building up its content strategy or you’re executing campaigns on a regular basis, the following advice is bound to inspire you:

  • Andrew Gaffney, Content Director and Chief Innovation Officer: Going to keep it short and sweet here…always think like a buyer.

  • Tonya Vinas, Senior Content Strategist: Take a risk. It’s the best way to stand out.
  • Matthew McKenzie, Chief Content Officer: Commit to change, stand up for your vision, and follow through on it. Nothing is more frustrating than a client who talks the talk but then runs a cutting-edge, buyer-focused campaign strategy through a gauntlet of committees and gatekeepers and risk-allergic worrywarts until what they get looks exactly like what they already have.  
  • Terry Moffatt, Content Strategist: Find out what your customers want to know or are interested in learning. That’s your content foundation, and you can build up from there.
  • Holly Celeste Fisk, Client Services Manager: Don’t try to squeeze too much information into every asset. Strive for concise copy that resonates with buyers.
  • Dana Harder, VP of Client Strategy: Be consistent, and don’t overcomplicate things! This piece of advice can easily apply to a specific content asset or an entire nurture campaign. 
  • Alicia Fiorletta, Content Strategist: Don’t be afraid to test and learn. The content marketing landscape is constantly changing, and businesses won’t know what truly works for them and resonates with buyers until they try it. As long as you have established goals and metrics to track, you’ll be able to determine the overall success and either move on and try something or pat yourselves on the back for a job well done!



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