5 Ways to Echo Echo Echo Your Presentation For Greater Impact

For many busy marketing professionals, preparing a presentation – even one for an important audience – is just another task on a long list of things to do.

Capture2To ensure that your time is well spent picking a topic, researching it, and then creating a well-crafted message, repurpose the presentation’s content to reach the largest possible audience.

Repurposing marketing material is becoming increasingly important to all content marketers. As we discovered in the 2015 Content Preferences Survey, which we sponsored for our colleagues at Demand Gen Report, more than 80% of buyers look at three or more assets before engaging a salesperson. Considering all of the materials you need to satisfy format and information preference for customers and prospects in different roles at all stages of the buyer journey (whew), repurposing content is the way to go.

Here are some ways to boost your presentation echo:

Bounce It Off Your Colleagues

Your co-workers are probably making presentations every day – to customers, partners, employees, etc. Lighten their load – and ensure message alignment across the enterprise – by sharing your presentation with them. Make using your presentation a turn-key proposition by including speaker notes for every slide in a customizable version of the deck.

Don’t be shy about your offer to share the slide deck. According to SiriusDecisions, 60-70% of marketing content is unused, often because people don’t know it exists.

Mirror The Message With An Infographic

Without too much effort and a little planning, the content and images in a well-crafted powerpoint can be turned easily into an infographic. According to the 2015 Content Preferences Survey, infographics rank high as valuable online asset formats, and are shared by more than 70% of the people who view them.

Turn Up The Reverb With Social Graphics

Use the graphic elements from your powerpoints and infographics to promote your presentation. It’s likely that some of the graphic elements can be used to promote other marketing materials, too. Graphic elements generally boost interest in a post. For example, on Twitter, graphics boost click-throughs by 18%, favorites by 80% and retweets by 150%.

Encore With A Blog

Once you’ve done the heavy lifting of selecting a presentation topic and doing the necessary research, writing a related blog on the subject is pretty light duty. Post the blog before your speaking engagement to build a bigger audience for the event. Use a post-event blog to invite readers to replay a video of your presentation or to check out that infographic.

Rewind The Video

If the presentation is recorded – DIY if the event planners don’t – use your blog or the social media graphics to promote replay views. If you can get the raw footage, edit the video into shorter, more consumable clips to round out your marketing materials with the rich media B2B buyers increasingly crave.

Learn more about the variety of content that B2B buyers prefer by downloading the 2015 Content Preferences Survey report. Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn to receive information on the latest and greatest trends and happenings in B2B #ContentMarketing!


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