Fast & Easy Friday: A Recap of the Week’s Top Articles & Insights

We hope you enjoy this handy recap of the B2B content marketing articles that caught our attention this week.

  • Do Chatbots Belong in Your Marketing Stack?If mere mentions of chatbots are giving you heart palpitations, take a breath. The writer of this CMS Wire piece sagely recognizes that too many marketers see new technologies as all-or-nothing propositions. (It’s like he knows me.) In fact, chatbots are simply a new channel you may or may not want to ease into your mix. Rushing to be first won’t win you any points if you don’t know how and why you’re using them. (Cue Chris Harrison asking, “Are you here for the right reasons?”) The value of chatbots isn’t the technology, per se; it’s allowing your customers to communicate in the channels they prefer. Check out the article for help determining whether and how to work this new channel into your strategy.  
  • The Real Work on Your Content Begins After It’s Published: Optimizing Performance: You prepped, you wrote, you designed, you tweaked, you published your content. And then you dropped the mic and walked off stage. Did you deserve to celebrate your freshly minted content? Absolutely. Was your job done? Of course not. Measuring the results is crucial, whether that’s simply to learn what’s working so you can do it again, or to acknowledge a disappointing response and roll up your sleeves to fix it. This article digs into some common issues and how to resolve them to turn “meh” into “marvelous.”
  • Your Audience Isn’t Stupid. Is Your Content Marketing?: Our jobs as content marketers, according to this article by Taylor Holland, is to learn, understand and explain. Explaining something doesn’t have to mean “dumbing it down,” which most smart readers find insulting. Invest the time to create thought leadership with a story worth hearing. If you think that’s easier said than done, you’re right. But Holland won’t leave you out on a stupid limb. Read the three questions you should ask yourself to make sure your marketing isn’t stupid.  
  • Infographic: 5 Things Brands Need to Know About Marketing to MomsWhat better way to celebrate moms this week than with a data-rich infographic? Although this one is geared more to a B2C perspective, it’s worth noting that we women are everywhere these days and you just may find some valuable insights you can bring into the B2B world. Pay close attention to how many misconceptions advertisers have about the market, like this gem: 50% of products typically marketed to men are purchased by women. Are you similarly misunderstanding personas? Your mom will be so disappointed.

We’ve kept this week’s recap short. Use the extra time to call your mother or get an early start on happy hour. Cheers!


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