Fast & Easy Friday: A Recap of the Week’s Top Articles & Insights

We hope you enjoy this handy recap of the B2B content marketing articles that caught our attention this week.

  • LinkedIn Etiquette Guide 2017: 20 Do’s & Don’ts [Infographic]: If you’re like me, you treat LinkedIn like the attic of the Internet. I know it’s there and I know I’m not taking advantage of its multitude of career-boosting benefits. The trouble is, if you let it sit for too long, all the rules have changed. That’s why I found this updated LinkedIn etiquette guide so helpful that I’m passing it along despite the double misspelling of “Don’ts” in the infographic’s headline. (Has anyone else noticed a sudden uptick in grammar and spelling errors in marketing posts lately? Just me?) Anyway, the post starts off with a quick-hitting infographic for the bullet points, then goes on with a longer section that elaborates on each point. It might just inspire you to block an hour or two this weekend for a LinkedIn overhaul.
  • What You Should Know About Google’s “Fred” UpdateSEO marketers are still abuzz about Google’s latest algorithm update, which they’ve dubbed “Fred.” Experts argue whether Fred focuses on backlink quality or sites that lean more heavily to advertising than content. Sreelal G. Pillai makes a case in this TechWyse  Internet Marketing post that it appears to be a link quality algorithm update that assesses the origins of backlinks to discount spammy sites. He has some good suggestions on how to “recover” from Fred if your site is one that’s seen its keyword rankings vanish and organic search traffic plummet.
  • Can We Outsource Content Marketing to Robots? If you’d suggested even 6 months ago that robots could write marketing copy, I would’ve laughed in your silly face. But those were the good old days when I thought of AI as a sci-fi movie I wasn’t interested in. Now I know lots more about artificial intelligence, and honestly, I’m torn. On the one hand, its astonishing capabilities are so very cool. On the other hand, its astonishing capabilities are terrifying. Fortunately, we can focus mostly on the cool part for now. This post’s author, Rebecca Joyner (not a robot as far as I know), says “these are heavy, existential questions.” Indeed. She goes on to discuss its current capabilities and limitations. And we humans still have jobs for awhile longer. Whew.
  • The B2B Marketing Executive Show [Podcast]If you’re a podcast junkie like me, there’s plenty of audio bandwidth left once you’ve burned through every episode of “Pod Save America.” FunnelEnvy has jumped into the fray with a new podcast that lets you take a deep dive into sales and marketing topics on the go. (I’m always listening to something when I cook dinner, clean house or hike Runyon Canyon.) This inaugural episode features podcast host and FunnelEnvy CEO Arun Sivashankaran discussing B2B marketing with his guest, Nic Zangre, VP of Sales and Marketing at CaliberMind.

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