Fast & Easy Friday: A Recap of the Week’s Top Articles & Insights

TGIF, B2B marketers! Let’s celebrate the arrival of the weekend by sharing some of our favorite articles from the week. We hope they spark some inspiration for next week, and beyond! 

  • Is Originality Killing Your Campaigns? One would think that the key to standing out in today’s competitive digital climate is to come up with some truly innovative and original content ideas. This article, however, argues that it’s all about taking a unique approach to relatable and familiar ideas is the winning recipe for content marketing success. Featuring a few examples around the web, the article illustrates that marketers can latch onto timely or top-of-mind topics, and follow a few best practices to ensure their content is still fresh and new. Take a look and learn how you can make everything old new again. 
  • Set Content Writers Up for Success: How many times have you assigned a blog, E-book or infographic to a writer on your team (or a freelancer) and received the complete opposite of what you wanted? Hate to say it, but you may need to look in the mirror in order to place blame. Sometimes, editors and marketing managers aren’t giving writers the context and tools they need to execute flawlessly. This doesn’t mean you have to hold their hand throughout the process. If you start the process with a detailed brief and ideation featuring messaging points, supporting data and resources, and relevant buyer insights, you have developed a great foundation of knowledge for your writers. In fact, knowledge transfer and transparency are key through the entire process. And yes, that means providing detailed feedback on what you don’t like and why. 
  • Desktop and Mobile SEO Are Not the Same: You’ve likely seen data confirming that more people are searching and accessing content using their mobile devices. You may even have a hunch based on your own behaviors. So, why is it that so few B2B organizations have prioritized mobile? It may seem like it’s easier said than done. You need to ensure your site scales well to fit all screen sizes, that your resources are mobile friendly and that all site content is found as buyers search using smartphones and tablets. This article breaks down the nuances of desktop and mobile SEO specifically, and what B2B brands must do in order to ensure their sites are ready for mobile prime time. 
  • Debunking Influencer Marketing Myths: It seems like we can’t get through a single day without hearing about influencer marketing. It’s all the rage in the B2B marketing world and we’re seeing more brands try to experiment with it. But there is a common misconception that influencer marketing means simply finding experts and “celebrities” to promote your content. This article, which is a recap of a recent podcast, cuts through the clutter and explains what B2B influencer marketing really is.  

Do any of these insights ring especially true for your organization? We’d love to hear how you’re tackling the latest trends and best practices in the comments section below! 


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