Fast & Easy Friday: A Recap of the Week’s Top Articles & Insights

Another week, another slew of headlines to sift through. Of course, we never have a shortage of information. So for this week, we wanted to try and spotlight articles that put a new spin on the topics and trends we’ve been hearing so much about. Plus, we wanted to try and incorporate some new topics of discussion, so you can bring them back to your team and discuss ways these trends could potentially impact your business in 2017. We hope you enjoy them: 

  • How to (quickly) get content strategy buy-in: Despite content playing an important role in nearly all B2B brands’ marketing mix, many organizations still don’t have a consistent, scalable and documented strategy. Without a strategy in place, however, it becomes increasingly difficult to prove content marketing’s worth and ultimately, it means your content budget is more likely to get on the chopping block. This article from Skyword does a great job illustrating how an organization can win buy in faster by showing how a content strategy can extend across the entire enterprise. It also shows that when you build you strategy on an analytical, data-driven foundation, you can increase transparency and allow key stakeholders to see how your campaigns and initiatives are impacting business performance. We’ve seen a lot of articles discussing content strategy (and we’ve definitely developed our own), but this piece shows how you can build your plan quickly and efficiently — especially since we’re heading towards the end of the year. 
  • Psychographics and the next phase of demand generation: Buyer personas and profiles are critical because they help you better understand your ideal buyers, influencers and budget gatekeepers. You need to communicate and educate these buyers differently based on their unique wants and needs. This is the foundation for creating successful content. But beyond job roles, pain points and buying triggers, this article argues that psychographics can also help brands better understand buyers and, in turn, target and engage them in a more relevant and nuanced way.
  • Is ABM just a load of hype?: We’ve had our fair share of discussions around account-based marketing. Some marketers are building their personas in an attempt to better tailor and focus their content and campaigns, while others are striving to repurpose and modularize their content so they can develop ABM campaigns in a most cost-effective way. But like any trend, ABM is getting its fair share of naysayers. This Demand Gen Report blog debunks the idea that ABM is a bunch of hype by spotlighting some of the short- and long-term benefits organizations will see when they invest in a strategy. 

What are your thoughts on these articles? Do you plan to look at psychographic targeting or ABM? Tell us your plans and results in the comments section below! 


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