Fast & Easy Friday: A Recap of the Week’s Top Content Articles & Insights

Content marketing has evolved from a stand-out tactic to an imperative for all types of businesses. While it’s definitely easier to win budget for content and campaigns, it has become increasingly difficult to stand out to buyers. The Internet is now brimming with an endless supply of redundant assets and me-too offerings; the content marketing winners will be the brands that experiment with innovative formats and create hard-hitting messaging. 

Disrupting the content marketing status quo, however, can be risky. As a result, it can be challenging to get your team members, and your CMO, on board. So for this week, we’re going to spotlight some articles to help your brand get on track: 

  • Tackle CMO misconceptions and mistakes: Depending on your company, getting your CMO to shell out more money for your content can be a challenge in itself. But sometimes, brands face another challenge: encouraging CMOs to rethink their marketing approaches or try new things — especially if their way isn’t necessarily the best way. This article points out the common errors that CMOs make and the misconceptions they have about content marketing as a practice. If you want to shift your CMO’s approach our influence their way of thinking, you can use this piece as a starting point. 
  • No one likes over-aggressive marketers: Effective content marketers strike a careful balance between being approachable and authoritative with their tone. They are empathetic and show they understand their buyer’s wants, needs and pain points, and are able to point them to solutions and best practices without being too pushy. However, many brands still think that creating powerful content means shoving unique value propositions and product specs down their target audience’s throats. This article walks marketers through a scalable process for developing your content tone, refining your calls to action and rotating softer pieces with more hard-hitting assets so you don’t inundate your audience. 
  • Breaking bland: At Content4Demand, we live by the saying “B2B doesn’t have to be boring.” With each project, we try to think of new and creative ways to tell stories and incorporate compelling graphics or even interactive elements. At the end of the day, content should reflect the unique personality of a brand. You may be asking: Brands have personalities? Yes, they do! Brand personalities are an aggregation of employees’ unique experiences, and reflects what the company brings to the table in terms of skill, unique perspectives and opinions. This article outlines some brands that have built unique personalities and how they’re reflected in content across channels. The author also spotlights some questions you should ask that will help you develop your brand’s unique personality. 
  • The power of integrated marketing: Buyer behaviors have evolved from linear, logical paths into complex, multi-channel journeys. Brands need to follow suit by creating immersive and relevant campaigns that span different touch points. Struggling to see how this concept looks in real life? This Demand Gen Report article illustrates how PRNewswire successfully implemented an integrated, automated marketing approach and how it helped them boost MQLs. 

Have you found any other ways to break free from the marketing status quo? Share your stories in the comments section below! 


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