Fast & Easy Friday: A Recap of the Week’s Top Content Articles & Insights

Happy Friday, marketers! It’s been another busy yet rewarding week for the Content4Demand team and, evidently, for the B2B marketing world at large. You may be asking, “Well, how do you know?” Because when the time came for me to sift through our social networks and Google Alerts, I was inundated by all the great articles and resources being released! 

There were so many great insights it was incredibly difficult for me to choose my usual top four pieces. So, I figured it would be a great day to shake things up a bit and give you more content to choose from. Let’s dive right in: 

  • Learn from the fastest-growing B2B companies: The top three fastest-growing B2B companies are Upwork, WeWork and Slack, according to analysis from Mattermark. What do these three brands, and the other 47 on the list, have in common? According to this article from MarketingProfs, their blogging strategy, how they gate content, and how they engage with customers and prospects. Check out the article to get the complete breakdown. 
  • Curate social content like a pro: Content curation is beneficial for a number of reasons: it helps you create content faster and easier, and it allows your team members to share their unique commentary and thoughts on timely topics. Getting content out into the world as quickly as possible is important, but successful social curation requires careful thought, a sound strategy and an in-depth understanding of your target audience. You can get all the tips and best practices you need to act now in this article from SocialTimes. 
  • Promote your content without a hitch: Content promotion and amplification can seem pretty daunting. Sure, marketing is in our blood and it’s what we do every day. But we’re busy. We have so much to do that sometimes we can’t dedicate as much time and thought into getting our content out there. This article is for folks who want to promote their content without wasting their precious time. Each tactic is broken down by number of minutes so you can see how quick and easy it can be to extend the reach of your content. 
  • Get more content ideas…now: Sometimes the hardest part about creating content is coming up with the foundational concept or idea. When you’re in need of some inspiration, turn to this article. It’s chock-full of some awesome ideas and resources to help you conjure up content topics, whether it’s for a blog, E-book or infographic. 
  • Learn from top cause marketing campaigns: You remember the Ice Bucket Challenge, right? It was swarming around social media and you saw your friends and celebrities alike partaking. (Heck, you may have even participated yourself.) We found out that this campaign was a huge hit and significantly contributed to the fight against ALS. This article from The Drum breaks down why charitable campaigns like this are such a hit and how, yes, even B2B companies can learn from them. 
  • Creating video content for beginners: Marketers don’t always have the time or budget to create Oscar-worthy videos. But they can still be hard-hitting content formats that allow us to connect with buyers in an intimate way and amplify our message across channels and touchpoints. This article has some quick-hitting tips to help you get started with video marketing, today.
  • Have a blogging bonanza: We know that having a blog and posting frequently can significantly improve our brand’s search engine rankings, boost inbound traffic and even help us generate more leads. But what happens when you don’t have the motivation or the ideas to create content so consistently? has a bunch of hacks to help you keep your blog running! 

Well, that’s all, folks! We hope you have a great weekend. Be on the lookout for our next post, which will be published first thing Monday morning. 


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