Fast & Easy Friday: A Recap of the Week’s Top Content Articles & Insights

Happy Friday, content marketers and demand generators! It’s been a hectic yet empowering week for the Content4Demand crew. You see, we brought the whole team together for our annual meeting. We take this time to come together, share success stories and lessons learned, and discuss new processes and tactics we can implement to improve our work for clients.

Although the days were long and we were somewhat disconnected from day-to-day work, we’re back, refreshed and inspired. To celebrate, I wanted to share some of my favorite stories from the week, which spotlight some of the trends we discussed during our meetings. 

  • ABM success stories come to the forefront: We’ve touched on the buzz surrounding account-based marketing (ABM) a few times on the blog. But haven’t had the chance to really dig into real-life examples and success stories. Good thing the latest issue of ABM in Action was just released! This edition spotlights some new research from Demand Gen Report, as well as case studies featuring Commvault, Vidyard, Televerde and so much more. If you’re looking for tangible evidence that ABM works, this publication is for you! 
  • Engage “casual learners”: This week, we talked a lot about how content is the fuel for ongoing engagement and conversations with buyers. You can’t just throw content at them when they’re looking to make a buying decision; it takes time and effort to capture their attention, win their trust and keep them engaged. That way, when they’re looking to make a buying decision, they go to you first. This article notes that buyers don’t always intend to make a buying decision in that moment; they’re “casual learners,” or starting to discover and investigate new trends and potential challenges they may be facing — either at the company level or for their specific job role. Although “casual learning” has reached a tipping point in the B2C world, it’s just now being realized in B2B. Learn about the possible implications and how your buyers’ journeys are evolving.
  •  Reach your marketing milestones: As more marketers say they feel pressure from the C-level and even their sales counterparts to prove the value of content and campaigns, learning how to effectively measure and respond to performance metrics is becoming even more critical. However, the vast majority of marketers still say measuring marketing ROI is one of, if not their top challenge. Regardless of where you are in your measurement strategy, this article provides a great overview of five key best practices. 
  • Content strikes back: A little more than a week ago, Content Marketing Institute held its annual Content Marketing World event. It’s hard to resist a good event recap, but I have a soft spot for this piece from Demandbase, which latches on to CMW’s Star Wars theme and incorporates plot points from the beloved film series. My favorite takeaway? “You have to kill your father to move on.” Murder certainly wasn’t a discussion point from the show, but apparently letting go of past failures and moving on was. This is definitely an important tip for marketers as we strive to navigate new trends and changing buyer behaviors. 


Do you have any other great articles or insights from the past week? We want to hear from you; share them in the comments section below! 


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