Fast & Easy Friday: A Recap of the Week’s Top Content Articles & Insights

If you’re one of the cool kids in B2B marketing, you’ve most likely spent the week in San Francisco for Salesforce’s Dreamforce 2016. Evidently, I’m not one of the cool kids (this time)…because I’m at my home office in New Jersey, scouring social media for the latest Dreamforce highlights and developments. 

But thank goodness for our colleagues at Demand Gen Report and our friends in the media and B2B tech world! Throughout the week, they’ve reported on keynotes, breakout sessions and news bits that came out of the show. So for this special installment of “Fast & Easy Friday,” I’m going to spotlight some of our favorite recaps (although I’m sure more will emerge over the next few days!): 

  •   Salesforce (and others) bet big on AI: Last week, we shared an article about how Salesforce and Oracle were investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Well based on this article, Salesforce and other vendors are continuing to bet their chips on AI. The article notes that Salesforce wants to bring AI to everyone. Salesforce will be making more announcements at Dreamforce regarding its focus on AI, so we’ll be keeping are eyes open for more coverage! 
  • Top takeaways from Benioff’s keynote: Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff always delivers keynotes that are filled with showmanship, special guests and grand statements regarding the company’s progress and goals for the next year. This ZDNet article gives a great breakdown focused on some of the key takeaways, which focus on everything from Salesforce’s philanthropic efforts, transformation within the enterprise software world, partnerships and so much more. 
  • Dreamforce is a go-to for industry influencers: As I noted earlier, Dreamforce has become a top show for B2B practitioners, C-level executives, technologists and innovators. To help you get an idea of the amazing folks attending sessions and traveling around the show floor, Heinz Marketing developed this article, which spotlights the top 34 most influential people at the show. Even if you’re not at Dreamforce this year, this article gives you plenty ideas for folks to follow on Twitter and connect with on LinkedIn. 
  • Salesforce beefs up its partner program: Like many tech companies, Salesforce relies on a network of loyal channel partners that help it beef up its solutions and extend its presence worldwide. In fact, IDC research indicates that Salesforce’s channel partners have contributed significantly to its revenue growth. As a result, Salesforce is showing its appreciation and aiming to fuel its momentum by expanding its partner program. Now, partners will have access to new technology benefits, enhanced marketing support and new learning opportunities. If you want to learn more, this article provides a great breakdown. 

Have you come across any other interesting recaps from Dreamforce? Share them in the comments section below so we can get the scoop! 


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