C4D Staffer Spotlight: Wendy Geister, Senior Client Services Manager

A veteran at Content4Demand, Wendy Geister has seen our company and its early clients take leaps and bounds with content marketing… And as you’ll learn when you read on, she’s seen some pretty exciting things in the world at large. We love her sense of adventure and her ability to guide our clients toward their own successes. Learn more about Wendy in this latest edition of our C4D Spotlight column.


What B2B marketing trend is inspiring you right now?

There are some very cool and innovative developments in interactive/digital content: custom assessments, iPapers, listicles and interactive infographics. Content doesn’t have to be static, and interactivity adds a new dimension to captivate an audience. It’s exciting to think about what other possibilities are just around the corner.

What accomplishment are you proudest of?

I really appreciate the collaborative atmosphere of the Content4Demand team. How we come together to develop amazing projects, tackle a challenge head-on, encourage each other to take chances and strive to exceed client expectations.

Where did you go to school and what did you study?

I went to California State University, Fullerton, and majored in Communications with an emphasis in Journalism. I thought my career would start writing obituaries at a regional newspaper, but I landed in B2B publishing, thanks to an internship at an action sports retail magazine.


What city do you live in, and what’s great about it?

I grew up in Huntington Beach, Calif. – known as “Surf City” – and for the past four years have lived in Huntsville, Ala., which is nicknamed “The Rocket City” for its ties to the space industry. I was born within days of the first moon landing and am intrigued by space exploration. Huntsville is a key NASA hub, where the Saturn 5 rocket – which powered the astronauts to the moon on several missions – was developed, as well as Skylab and parts of the International Space Station. It’s also projected to be the largest city in Alabama in less than 10 years.

GrandCanyon2What inspires you?

Traveling and being outdoors. Travel allows me to explore the world around me, while the outdoors refreshes and challenges me. I’ve had amazing adventures: climbing Mount Rainier, rafting the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park (twice!), backpacking in Yellowstone and Yosemite, climbing the Sydney Bridge in Australia, zip lining in Mexico, and seeing big game like lions, rhinos and elephants in Namibia.

What’s the weirdest job you ever had?

Maybe not the weirdest but probably quirkier than some other jobs that a teen girl would take. In high school, I worked as a cashier in a hardware store that was close to my parents’ house. I learned how to identify different bolt types and that touching sandpaper gives me goose bumps.



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