Forrester: Diversity Is Driving B2B Marketing Tactics

Here are some interesting results from a recent Forrester study of B2B lead origination tactics:


There are several ways to slice this data. What interests me, however, is the fact that we’re still seeing growth across a pretty broad range of B2B marketing tactics. In fact, the only tactic that shows a net loss in terms of planned usage is video. (That’s actually a bit surprising, and I would love to know what’s going on there.)

If I had to single out a particular tactic, however, it would have to be LinkedIn. It’s got a solid edge over Facebook and Google Plus in terms of usage growth, and in fact it’s growing almost as quickly as Twitter — a platform with a much lower threshold for getting started and engaging with prospects.

The biggest lesson to take away is that we have moved firmly into a multi-channel, multi-tactic environment for B2B content marketing.


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