Multi-Platform Content Marketing: Sometimes It’s Necessary, But Sometimes It’s Not

An interesting blog post by Joe Pulizzi recently appeared on Business2Community. It summarizes some of the most important lessons he’s learned during a his career as a content marketer.

My favorite might be this one:You don’t have to be on every platform to assemble a killer content marketing campaign.

In many cases, it’s smart to weave your story onto multiple platforms. It’s entirely possible to have a killer webinar series, amazing blog, outstanding video program, and cutting-edge digital magazine all at the same time.

But there is another way. You may decide to focus and work to dominate one platform. How about a killer podcast series? What about an amazing print newsletter? Maybe a blog is just the platform for you.

Yes, you construct your strategy before choosing your channels, but don’t feel obligated to be active on every channel that your customer uses.

It’s a simple concept, but it’s increasingly getting lost as more companies scramble to build content marketing campaigns. Instead of focusing on a target audience and an appropriate message, they’re starting with a collection of content formats — video, blogs, white papers, or whatever — and then working backwards from there.

It all begins with your audience: studying them, understanding them, catering to their needs. If this isn’t the first step in your content strategy, it probably should be.


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